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Compass Gardens Path

Our Aims

The priority of our the South Woodham Ferrers Residents Party is to work to promote and gain the election of hardworking representatives at Chelmsford City & Essex County Councils to ensure that South Woodham residents are effectively represented and that their interests are properly taken into account by the two Councils. 

We will work to:

  • seek the best value for taxpayers in South Woodham Ferrers.

  • prioritise the best interests of residents’ best through engagement with the community.

  • ensure any proposed development is necessary, in keeping with the original vision of South Woodham Ferrers as a riverside town and its ethos, environment and style.

  • lobby for the infrastructure needed to make any development in the area practical and sustainable.

  • provide strong local leadership in developing the economic prosperity of South Woodham.

  • create the environment for businesses to thrive, whilst maximising and safeguarding job opportunities.

  • reduce criminal and antisocial behaviour with the aim of improving the safety and quality of life for the community, working with residents, the police and other agencies.

  • seek to achieve improvements to health provision in the town, working with all the local Health partners.

  • improve sports and leisure facilities in the local area.

  • to work to protect the habitats and ecology of our town and its environs and to increase its biodiversity and resilience.

  • to work to ensure that all new developments are compliant with the governments's targets to reduce carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions through the use of sustainable energy, fuel and transport.

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