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When will South Woodham's 'worst road' get sorted?

Resident's complaints about Clements Green Lane still not being listened to.

1 April 2024

When will South Woodham's 'worst road' get sorted?

In January, our Essex County Councillor reported (Town Council minutes January ), that “Clements Green Lane is scheduled for resurfacing week commencing February 1st, weather permitting.” It is now 1 April, there’s been plenty of sunny, dry spells, and Clements Green Lane still resembles a moonscape as you can see from the picture below. We have had many residents complaining to our members about the state of Clements Green Lane with one stating ‘it’s the worst road in South Woodham. It’s got so bad that If there’s nothing coming, I often drive on the other side of the road to avoid it’. It’s one thing Essex County Council tolerating a road in such a state but it’s another to be promised works which don’t happen. The SWFRP is pressing Essex County Council to get the job done.

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