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New name, same commitment

South Woodham Ferrers Residents Party is the new ‘inclusive’ name voted for by its members.

24 February 2024

New name, same commitment

The South Woodham Ferrers Residents Party is the new name for the party after having being called the South Woodham Ferrers Council Taxpayers Association for several years. 

Keith Bentley, Chair of the Party, said, “Our members wanted to choose a more inclusive name as not all residents are council taxpayers.  I joined the party and stood for election to represent the whole town, whatever age, gender, or social status, not just a section of it. There was also confusion before the last election where people checking our social media posts on smart phones thought we looked like the Town Council rather than a local political party. To save future misunderstandings we saw the opportunity to  make a much needed change.

“Prior to becoming SWFCTA we were the SWF Independents party. We needed to change that name when the UK Independence Party stood candidates in our local elections also using similar party colours to our own.

“Our candidates are all SWF residents who believe that the town deserves better than what the main parties offer. Our members are people of all political colours (and none) and as a party we only contest Chelmsford City and Essex County Council elections.”

The Party recently had two members on Chelmsford City Council and our members regularly attend and ask questions at City Council meetings whenever issues or items come up that are relevant to the town.

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