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Planning bill doesn't bode well for SWF

Changes to national planning rules could affect SWF

15 June 2023

Planning bill doesn't bode well for SWF

Having read the consultation reports, two of our members went along to ask a question and listen to the debate. The question was asked by Jackie Birch and was in two parts. One part was to establish what Chelmsford’s preference was, to continue with the current Local Plan revision or start again with the new procedure. The second part was about the status of Neighbourhood Plans as they were not mentioned in the consultation documentation.

We were told that officers would continue with the existing ongoing plan revision. In respect of Neighbourhood Plans both LibDem and Tory City Councillors present followed up on the question raised and agreed that there should be a reference about the need to include Neighbourhood Plans in the consultation response.

The agenda and a link to the recording is available at: Policy Board Agenda.

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